Traditional Sports and Games

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Multimedia tool – Report
120+ min
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Intercultural learning
Personal development

This report is about how to use games and traditional sports as a tool for generating non-formal educational experiences. It could be used as reference for new training activities focused on the Sports topic.


To present the perspective of traditional sports and games as an intercultural learning tool for international youth exchanges/youth programmes.


During the process in Etcharry, the 26 participants experimented with the meaning of traditional sports and games, using them as a tool for intercultural dialogue. They shared, they established partnerships for projects, and they challenged themselves. The reflection
on traditional sports started when playing Pelota, an international sport with specific
rules played in the Basque Country where it is known as Basque Pelota. Participants later
presented their own traditional sports with a focus and reflection on how to use them as
a tool in intercultural dialogue.

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See the report (available in PDF in the following link:

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See the report (available in PDF in the following link:

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