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This training report is about specific training for youth workers, leaders willing to become trainers in the EuroMed framework and Area.


• To contribute to the improvement of training activities’ quality in the EuroMed;
• To contribute together with TATEM, to the development of a network of trainers on a Euro-Mediterranean level contributing to the quality of training activities in the Euro-Mediterranean context based on the acquired skills and competences;
• To contribute to the effective and bi-directional transfer of training experiences between new EU member countries and MEDA countries, with specific attention to possible similarities and differences in the socio-economic background of these two areas.


TOTEM training methodology was based on the experiences developed by the Salto-EuroMed Resource center, the Partnership between CoE and the EC on EuroMed & on youth training and the experiences developed by NGOs and the TOTEM trainers within the EuroMed programme.

Hence, the following methodological guidelines shaped TOTEM and required specific methods and features to be implemented to insure the learning in the group, as a trainer, as a self directed learner, and about EuroMed aspects. Taking into consideration that these four learning strands tend to overlap and were present in many sessions of TOTEM, it is possible to identify one of predominant strand in each of the TOTEM sessions.

The learning process in TOTEM was not only limited to the three seminars. The participants, when applied to TOTEM, were required to commit 40-50 days for TOTEM. This period covered the three seminars, in addition to a series of learning features the participants has to complete during phases II and IV-in between the seminars.

These two phases heavily depended on the learning as a self directed learner strand. The
different features:
• Personal Development Plan.
• The observation phase.
• Mentoring.

Step by step process: 

TOTEM is comprised of five phases: 3 residential seminars and 2 practical phases characterized by distance learning where the trainers will offer support and guidance to the participants through mentoring.
See the attached report (PDF) as documentary source.

Materials and resources: 

See the attached report (PDF) as documentary source.

Notes for further use: 

The video report for the 2011 edition for TOTEM could be consulted in the Embed Media section.

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