Tool box Pro(g)Natura

Type of tool: 
90-120 min
Topics addressed: 
Personal development

This Tol Box aims to replicate the Pro(g)Natura methodology, a program that uses 8 outdoor sessions and 8 programming sessions in Scratch language, targeting children from 6 to 10 years old.


Pro(g)natura aims at the construction/consolidation of skills of a cognitive nature, but also namely physical-motor and socio-emotional, which promote school success, fully contributing to social inclusion. The Tool box serves as a guideline for organizations and professionals that will replicate the tool.


The tool aims the application of Pro(g)Natura methodology in which it is rooted outdoor education and technological educations, discovery based learning, cooperative learning and problem based learning, articulating the benefits of regular contact with nature, prioritizing the free initiative of the student, and the Teaching of programming

Step by step process: 

Presentation of the Tool box, reflexive analysis exercises of opportunities based on images of children's free play situations in nature, reflection on the potential of applying the tolbox in the contexts presented, or others presented by the participants. No need for extra materials, as this is a knowledge construction session by participants based on reflective dialogue between them

Materials and resources: 

TOOL WORKSHOP. No need for extra materials.


Joint reflection on the benefits of free play in nature, understanding of the different types of play and its potential. Identification of opportunities to explore children's experiences using technological ecucation


Assessment of the impact of using the tool on understanding the potential of the alliance between playing in nature and children's learning, and this experience with technological learning

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