Super Heroes Live Action Role Play Game

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120+ min
Topics addressed: 
Personal development
Group dynamics

The purpose of the game is to take up serious issues, dealing with them using humor, music and dancing for solving conflicts. The underlying purpose is to make the LARP educational without stressing it, by socializing and breaking boundaries.


Team Building Self development Breaking the bounders


In The superheroes* world, the players play the students of a boarding school. They will play out different scenes from different years of their education, and at last a reunion scene from years later. Being a child is not easy; they face many challenges as they grow up, they try out new stuff and make friends - and enemies. What would it be like if everyone had a superhero to help out? In this particular boarding school, every student have a superhero to help them when things get too hard for them to handle by themselves. They solve their conflicts through superhero dance battles!

Step by step process: 

1-Preparations The Superheroes’ world is a plug and play game. This means that the preparations before you start playing are minimal. The GMs needs to read the game mechanism part especially careful, because it is very important in order to run the game. To play the game, you need a (big) room with cleared space on the floor. Prepare a corner with space for the two GMs when they are not in play. Set up the speakers so that the music GM can control the sound from the corner. Use a computer or a phone for the music. We recommend that you download the songs in advance, because the Internet have a habit of messing things up when you rely on it. 2- Workshop to create the characters 3- playing the scenes. 4- debrief

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- self satisfaction
- building a homogeneous group, where everybody have took part in the game equally.
- discovering their personality from different angle.


- not everybody can dance in front of people.
- very good tool for group building
- it is better to run it for 4 hours.

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