StreetSmart - Case Management Tool for Youth workers

Type of tool: 
Multimedia tool – Report
90-120 min
Topics addressed: 
Social inclusion

StreetSmart is a digital tool designed for youth and street workers. It helps youth workers to track the personal evolution of the children they are working with, offers automated reporting and a user friendly mobile app for data registration.


The purpose of StreetSmart is to help youth and street workers have more impact, to improve the quality of their work.
-The tool allows for more efficient registration and reporting, so that youth workers can be more productive.
-The tool facilitates the case management of children, which serves as input to youth workers to tailor their activities and methodologies to the need of the children
-Better reporting, specifically on the evolution of children, serves to prove the value and impact of the youth work, hopefully also resulting in easier access to funding, subsidies and donations.

Step by step process: 

The implement the tool in a organisation, Mobile School needs to perform a setup. When the setup is done, the organisation structure must completed by the organisation administrator.
From the moment the structure is complete, youth workers that are registered within the tool can download the app and start working with it.
All the necessary guidelines, video's and documents can be found on the StreetSmart website.

Materials and resources: 

Each user needs a smartphone with internet connection (for the moment only Android is supported).
A team / organisation needs acces to a computer to access the website.


The expected outcome of the tool is an improved way of preparing and evaluating non-formal educational sessions.


The tool is now operating an a beta-test version. We are gathering all the feedback to continuously improve StreetSmart and make it a tool that's useful for a many youth workers as possible.

Notes for further use: 

Depending on the type of work you do, some aspects of the tool can more suited than other aspects. Feel free to only use what suits your needs.

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