Sport is all

Type of tool: 
90-120 min
Topics addressed: 
Gender issues

Participants make a quiz about women in sports and are involved in a decision making exercise aimed to enrich their knowledge and view about gender issues.

Step by step process: 

1. Trainers ask participants if they do sports, if they did it in the past, if they play together women and men…, After that they invite them to participate in a famous TV show in which they can win free journey and entrances for the next Olympiad. (see Documents/Handouts for the quiz).

2. Trainers divide participants into groups of 6, ask them to find a name for each team, introduce the game, explain the rules and go for the 20 questions of the quiz.

3. In the same groups of 6, trainers explain participants that now they are in the shoes of the organisers of a world sport competition and should answer the following questions:
a. How would you manage to do it better?
b. What is the border line between passion for sport and the respect for individual freedom (including religious traditions!)?
c. Think about strategies to help women to access to the management and directorship of sport activities. Why?

4. Short debriefing with the conclusions of each group. (30’ - 35’)

5. Final quick review of the most important points (3’)

Materials and resources: 

Coloured paper, flip-chart, A4 papers, pens, coloured markers, (it is a Power Point presentation).

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