Spolno zdravlje/Sexual health

Type of tool: 
Multimedia tool – Report
0-30 min
Topics addressed: 
Gender issues
Personal development

Sexual health/Spolno zdravlje is a free, interactive mobile application designed to contribute to responsible sexual behavior. There are numerous tools within the application such as risk calculator, health service search engine, informative ar


Aim of this tool is to increase understanding of sexual and reproductive health, and to normalize the personal context of its users by quality appliance of the services that are offered by the tool.


Application can be used individually (on a phone or browser-based) and it can be used as an educational tool in class as a part of frontal education, on sexual health workshops, as a peer-lecture etc.

Step by step process: 

In order for the application to be used, a hardware must be secured (computer + projector, phone, tablet), and then it has to be downloaded. Further use depends on the reasons why it is used.

For example, one can answer questions using quiz. For that, „Kviz znanja“ needs to be clicked and the questions asnwered.
It can be used as an education, the articles about sexual and reproductive health should then be opened.

Materials and resources: 

In order for an application to be used, it can be downloaded for free from iStore or Googleplay store, or simply via browser. For all that, it requires phone/tabet or a PC.

Browser version is available on the following link:


Users can understand sexual and reproductive health better – by using articles and quizes, people gain immediate feedback on which pieces of information are known to them, and where they need to expand their knowledge, resulting in process of learning being quicker and of more quality.
Users can find places for health services – health service search engine offers options where people can do a specific health service, e.g. HIV testing. In a way, we can track how successful it is by asking everyone who comes to our centre where they heard about us (we test for HIV and hepatitis C in our community center).
Users may assess their own risk – by answering a few questions, they can assess the risk of an STD, which is being tracked in a way by the data we collect when they come to our community center.


Evaluation can be done in two ways: (1) by the answers on a quiz that are being anonymously recorded (it is possible to see what is generally known and unknown to the public), and (2) by people coming to Checkpoint center to be tested for HIV and hepatitis C.

Notes for further use: 

It is necessary to get familiar with the application before use. The application has a wide range of uses despite its specific topic. It requires a high amount of care as some of the parts are very delicate – e.g. risk calculator requires sensitive answers in order to work properly. For that reason, it is not recommended to answer these questions in front of other people, or pressure others to do so. It is advisable to respect other people's boundaries, especially because it's a taboo topic. Also, when using this application in a group, no one should be judged – we all had an irresponsible sexual behavior in our past, and it is advisable to normalize it in the beginning, so everybody feels accepted. It is advisable to avoid terms You shouldn't have/You are not allowed and other shameful messages, and instead of that, to go in a direction of what can we do after a certain behavior.

Often, when talking about STDs, there are risk groups mentioned. But, behaviors are risky, not people.

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