solution-focused scale

Type of tool: 
90-120 min
Topics addressed: 
Personal development
Organisational management

Scale is a solution-focused tool connecting all key elements of this aproach. It runs from 1 - usually the worst state - to 10 - the desired perfect futer state. The scale is applied to bring out useful diferences and to evaluate or generate progress.


Scaling gives simple and very flexible structure to help user to find his own solution in problematic situation. It connects all key elements of solution-focused approach: shifting attention to resources, competences and possibilities, creating vivid description of desired state of affairs, defining and selecting small actions.


Solution-focused aproach.

Step by step process: 

Short presentation of the Solution Focuse, splitting into groups of three. In this point icebreaker if needed - every participant tells others in group four impresions or fantasies about what positive contribution each can bring to cooperation. Then everyone chooses "problem" he or she wants to solve. Relevant but not dramatic one. Then every participant creates (with help of his or her group) vivid description of desired state of affairs (10), than evaluates present position on 1-10 scale where 1 stands for the worst state of affairs. Next step is to bring out in group dialogue every competence, skill and resource which brought participant to present position on scale. Then he or she describes the plus-one-on-scale state of affairs and with help of group defines all possible actions that are likely to bring desired result. And chooses the best in his or her opinion. Participants, if they want to, can agree how they will communicate the results of chosen actions to eachother and use the scaling again to create next step towards achieving their goal.

Materials and resources: 

Two markers, one big clipboard and a few sheets of paper and ballpen for every participant.


Participants should be able to use different types of scales as a tool for construction of solutions.

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