Solo in Nature

Type of tool: 
120+ min
Topics addressed: 
Group dynamics

The tool is a result of a brain storming between a group of participants discussing the environmental issues in the Euro-Mediterranean region and how to find a solution for this issues
and this tool is considered to solve a part of this issues using informal learning
The tool is Divided into three Parts showing the difference between Pure Nature and polluted environment in the City


Creating Atomosphere for Participants to be creative in creating initiatives that aware people about Enviroment


The tool is based on experiential learning participants living the action

Step by step process: 

The activity will be Divided in to 3 Parts each of 1.5 hours (90 Minutes)
the first Part of the activity will be that the participants will go to a Forest or Garden and each group of the three group will be asked to another some questions
the Second part will be that the participants will have to go the city and to answer the same questions and to Discover the difference between the Pure Nature in the forest and Polluted one in the city
and at the end there will be a session in which each group will discuss with the others groups the Questions they answered and how did they feel ? what was the difference between both enviroments ?
and the end of this session they have to put solution, Creating initiatives, ...etc.

Materials and resources: 

We will only be in a need for those materials:
Flip charts, Markers and A4 Papers ( White and colored )


The Participants will produce a lot of initiatives awareing people of the Environmental issues in thier countries and as well a campaigns on the recycling and it's importance for the enviroment
as well to aware people through initiatives the importance of having clean source of Energy instead of Petroleum

Notes for further use: 

The Venue of implementing this Activity should be a city near the forest or the country side so as it will be possible to implement the activity easily and as well the costs will be less

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