Solidier: World Waste Map (WWM) - Tool for raising awareness on Municipal SOLID Waste Management (MSWM)

Type of tool: 
Multimedia tool – Report
30-60 min
Topics addressed: 
Human rights

As the International Solid Waste Association (ISWA) Young Professionals Group (YPG), we co-organized the YPG special session at the ISWA World Congress 2017, took place in the USA. By using results of World Waste Survey, we created World Waste Map.


By looking at the World Waste Map, audience will see countries in different colors and commentaries on what waste problems there are, the actual situation there and other information being added gradually. As time passes and problems are solved or added colors may change and/or notes added.


Presentation material, cooperative learning, problem based learning, possible to turn into simulation model such as Model UN

Step by step process: 

1. General presentation by beamer and laptop
2. Questions and answers session
3. Individual or group work session with map printed on A4 papers
4, Possible to play simulation model game (giving each participant or groups divided a country and discussing Municipal Solid Waste Management problems and solutions from economic, social and other points of view, taking into consideration conflict of interests as in any sector; e.g. Emission of Greenhouse Gases, Costs for Utilization and Recycling-Long run porfit vs Short run profit and Personal and Corporate profit vs Societal and Common profit) according to time.

Materials and resources: 

A4 paper, colorful printer, beamer and laptop for presentation and having the map in front of audience as visual material during the general explanation and discussion part of the session


- Participants learn about MSWM situation countries and make their input in terms of ideas, research, opinions,
- Participants will turn into potential multipliers of information on MSWM throughout the place they are coming from and not only, as they will have map to share with their and in case of international training with foreign communities.
- Map will be improving as these and other people will be adding their inputs.


Advantages: - Precise information about MSWM in different countries in one map tool - Usable in different kind of events, both complicated and easy - Colorful and interactive multi-purpose material to be used
Disadvantages: - Actual version is complicated, being prepared by and for MSWM professionals.
Potentialities: - Can be spread around many countries and people basing on advantages.
Limits: - People, participants should be interested in Ecology, Environment and MSWM so as to learn and make positive difference in the world.

Notes for further use: 

- Can used as a presentation material.
- Can be distributed on paper as a handout to work on.
- Can be turned into electronic interacitve (online or downloadable multimedia software program) material.
- Can be mocked as MSWM Model like in the UN Model.

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