The Sirie Bakery

Type of tool: 
90-120 min
Topics addressed: 
Intercultural learning
Voluntary service
Group dynamics

Role game simulating the situation of a group of international volunteers who comes to the town of Sirie with the project of building a Biological Bakery and must interact with the local community. How will the two groups interact?


The aim is to develop the interaction between the participants. This aim is pursued by creating a fiction situation where the people get in relations within a narrative framework.


The Activity "Sirie Bakery" is a role game, that represent a plausible situation. For the the activity the requirements are: creativity, fantasy, originality, will to play, capacity of dramatization.

Step by step process: 

It is a role game where the participants are divided in 2 groups and have to interact in a specific narrative frame according to specific profile described by the Youth Worker at the beginning of the activity.
DURATION: 1 h 30

PHASE 2 - DEVELOPMENT: 1 hour of activity
PHASE 3 - EVALUATION: 15 minuts of evaluation in plenary
In a small town with economical problems and with many resources, a group of international volunteers decide to start-up a development project, in the specific a bakery for the biological bread, using the local corn, which can improve local employability, quality of life and general wellness, using local materials.

The group of the volunteers is composed by young people (which want to use this opportunity as a personal and professional growth, and for a philanthropic reason) and by proffessionists (which give their know how and their knowledge and business management).

The Inhabitants of the small town called Sirie: they are owners of the resources (cartons, scotch, scissors); the owners of acreages; the local administrators, the politicians, the carpenters, the peasants, the unemployed, the criminals.

The Group 1 will encounter the local habit, the culture and the local producing system, very different from their own one. In the interaction with the Inhabitants (Group 2) aimed to find resources, workers, and aimed to improve the wellness of the local community the action will rise up and group dynamics and problematics become evident. The final outcomes depend on the action playing of the participants.

Playing with stereotypes, the activity shows the difficulties of exporting cultural models without have screened really the needs of local communities. There are also issues linked to the problems of local start-up entrepreneurship and issues linked to colonialism's aspects (forcing some models, without knowing the local socio-economical context). There is also the topic of the transition from the status of volunteer to the status of a workers and all the implications that this transition has problematic implications.

Materials and resources: 

- Recycling Carton Boxes
- Scotch (3 pieces)
- Scissors (at least 3 pieces)
- Markers (1 box)
- Printed money


Tangible Outcome should be a carton Bakery that produces biological bread; obviously the results of the interaction could be each time different because it depends on the different groups.


The final evaluation will be held in a Circle-Time, sitting in a circle so that all the participants will be on the same level and can share their impressions and comment on the activity; the Youth Worker asks the participants some questions to comment the game:
-how did they feel during the game?
-did they like their role? Comment the answer;
-wich were the difficulties and how did they solve it
-general comment on the group dynamics.

Notes for further use: 

The Youth worker must introduce very clearly the context and must motivate all the participants so that they can play and interact together. The activity can be adjusted in relation to the number, the age, the target of the participants.

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