Type of tool: 
120+ min
Topics addressed: 
Conflict management
Social inclusion

A live action role-playing game. Humans and androids on the verge of conflict. How to resolve it? The game deals with the impact of technology on human society but also relates to issues of prejudice influenced thinking and social inclusion.


Teaching and learning about robots, artificial intelligence and (possible) tensions they can create in a future human society.


It is mostly akin to transformative theatre.

Step by step process: 

1) Introductory Workshop (45 – 60 mins) – explaining of rules of play and of conduct, the story setting and game mechanics, distribution of character sheets, introduction story and props, Q&A
2) Gameplay (60 mins) – requires a room closed for anyone but the participants and facilitators while it lasts. Facilitators interact with the participants by representing a spaceship computer (a bit like the HAL from the 2001: A Space Odyssey movie.
3) Post-game Discussion (15 – 30 mins) – debating the main themes and actions undertaken during the game

Materials and resources: 

Character sheets, introduction story for each participant, plus game-related material for certain roles (total of 30 printed pages maximum altogether). Two cell phones. A Wi-Fi, mobile internet or cellular network need to available. A digital recording and a device to reproduce it. A nerf gun with several nerf bullets.


After the game ends the participants should be at least better informed about the main issues related to artificial intelligence and robots, but also have a sense of greater group cohesion and desire to learn and explore more about the subject matter.


We’ve ran the game only twice so far and we’re still polishing it. So far we perceived it greatly increases group cohesion and desire to learn more about subject matter. Possible obstacles might be related to aversion towards SF as a genre, the subject matter itself. Greatest limitations at this moment are duration and a lack of ways to make it more scalable.

Notes for further use: 

At this point facilitators should be trained to run this game.

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