Role playing game "Parliament"

Type of tool: 
30-60 min
Topics addressed: 
Group dynamics

The role game "Parliament" is not only a good training for short-term memory of players, but a training of strategy skills, building networking, appearance of team spirit as well.


teaching strategy, team building, "healthy competition" between players


cooperative learning, simulation by playing roles in the game

Step by step process: 

The group will be divided into two teams. They all sit on chairs in a circle. Four (maybe five, depending on the number of people) seats are parliament. They are separated from the rest, for example by moving them back slightly. One chair is free. Participants must necessarily remember who is in which team. Everyone on the card (pieces of paper) write down his/ her name. A person who has free chair on his or her right says a name (of course, players), may also say his or her name. Now, the person who has the card with the name changed to this free place and the two people (the one who spoke the name and the one who is changing) exchange cards. Now another place is free and again the person who has it on the right says a name. The goal of game is to fill all the seats in the parliament with your team members, which is not easy at all

Materials and resources: 

small pieces of paper according to number of players, the pens


Using this tool, we teach young people strategic thinking, creativity, we create cooperation habits in a group, we look for innovative forms of communication into the group, we build a friendly atmosphere


advantages: big group, better if before was some integration among the group
disadvantages: you can not to predict the time of game (it is depend of players and their skills)
potentialities: self development (strategic thinking, concentration, traing of short-term memory)
limits: age 15+

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