Role and place of Minorities in the Euromed context

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Multimedia tool – Report
120+ min
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Intercultural learning

A training course report about the place and role of minorities in the Euromed context, ethnic, linguistic and religious. This report could be very useful to design and to develop new training activities with a remarked focus on minorities.


To know more about the reality of minorities in the Euromed frame.


The training course was based on the principles and practices of non-formal education: using a learner centEred approach and active and interactive methods. Participants were responsible for planning and running workshops on minorities’ issues so that they became responsible for their own learning process. After going through an experimental learning experience, they should be motivated and inspired for generating new learning experiences at international level.
During the course, they shared their good practices, tested tools and methods, analysed
and produced common materials to be used by youth workers in different activities.
Salto Euromed methodology is founded on two main guidelines: the T.A.P.E related to the content of the training course and the S.T.A.R related to the Euromed Cooperation.

Step by step process: 

See the report (PDF)

Materials and resources: 

See the report (PDF)

Notes for further use: 

The online full report could be consulted online in the following website:
The video is an audiovisual short report of the training courses.

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