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I was involved, along with a team of other teachers, to create an online tool- website- to help us in the educational act (usually well as performance) in the field of mathematics.


Aims and objectives of the Tool for Learning are: - first of all we want students to learn and be able to do should guide the choice, - to use online tool by the students and to help them find themselves some scientific truths.


This tool might be an example indeed of a wide range of teaching methods highly attractive to our students.Working with this online tool involves various methods of learning / evaluation, such as: discovery based learning, cooperative learning, and particularly problem based learning.

Step by step process: 

This online tool has the following partitions: - “Mathematics” which comprises: home; formulas for middle school and high school; secondary school exams (National Assessment) and high school exams (Bac); Olympiads / contests; exams teachers; - “Mathematics Magazines” which comprises: Revista de Mateinfo.RO and Revista Sclipirea Mintii; - “Mathematics Simulations” which comprises online simulations for various national exams(National Assessment, Baccalaureate, for the period 2015-2013; - “Auxiliary Materials”: Pisa Tests; The problem of the week; Educational Projects; Methodical books; Models of initial tests for gymnasium and high school( very useful for the teachers especially); Recently we introduced in the website VIDEO-MATH sequences which comprises video solutions for the problems at the national tests ( very useful for the students). - “Amusement” which comprises: mathematics at disco; Funny Math Problems; mathematical crossword; logic games; online games; educational Software RO; - “Math Tests” written in English and/or French.

Materials and resources: 

Thankfully the use and implementation of this tool does not require too much material. In all cases (when a student uses this tool alone or a group of several students) require a computer and internet connection. Sometimes, are still necessary other auxiliary materials, such as collection of math problems, or auxiliaries which contain the topics from the national exams and so on.


The expected outcomes to be obtained by using this educational tool are multiple and diverse. Therefore its users will better understand abstract math and they will also get higher marks in national examinations. Using this tool the students have the opportunity to simulate online the National Assessment of Mathematics in 2015 (and last years also) and online simulation Baccalaureate 2015, - to help young people to ask for help in solving math problems on the forum site- and a math teacher will respond to these questions.


We, the creators of this instrument, found that it presents several advantages than disadvantages.The main disadvantage is that the young person do not come into personal contact with teacher who guides him in solving a problem, for example. This is basically a limit on the online educational instruments- lack of interpersonal contact.

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I like to share it in the Market Place. We have already used this tool in multiple and varied educational contexts.As a result the popularity of the website increased among the teachers but also among the students, parents and alumni. After several applied questionnaires we found that the website is very often used by students to prepare for national exams, to give various tests and last but not least to entertain with different funny problems. Equally it is viewed by teachers because it contains the specialty materials for them (didactics and methodical materials, specialty books and so on). We can certainly say that our online learning tool has been implemented in many schools in our country (both middle and high schools) from 2009 to until now.

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