Reflecting - Reflection in Learning

Type of tool: 
60-90 min
Topics addressed: 
Personal development

Reflecting , is an activity of reflection in action, useful to encourage individual and group awareness and development


Foster a culture of reflective practice in learning .


This tool/activity is inspired by "Reflection in action" and fits in the middle of a challenge or  in any of the group dynamic.Creates a time and spacee required for reading the context of action , the  Group stage and the individual process.

Step by step process: 

During any group dynamic, the  facilitatator stops the action or the dynamic (freezing that particular moment).  The facilitator asks the group members to sit down with pen and paper.  The members of the group are invited to answer a series of questions that the facilitator reads. Participants have 50 seconds to answer each question. The time allocated is thought to activate the instinctive reflection, as if the hand knew the answer way before the head.  After 50 seconds the facilitator reads the following question. When there's a new question arising, participants interrupt answering the previous question and go to the following one.  When participants  have finished answering the questions they go into action again and start the activity exactly in the point they left it.  Recommendations:questions range from a minimum of 4 to a maximum of 8 .The questions are directing participants ' attention to:- the stage of the  group;- the context of action;- the personal reaction habits;- the personal resources they are and are not acting.

Materials and resources: 

pens, papers  or personal diary,cronometer  


The tool :- increases the possibilities of personal and group change in being "inner ready" to act in a concious and authentic way;- develops reflective competences ; 


The advantage of this activity is to facilitate participants' awareness on the context of action, their personal resources and reaction habits in the here and now.  I dont' see any problem for this activity   

Notes for further use: 

Read the book " Holding the space. Facilitating reflection and inner readiness for learning"

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