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Multimedia tool – Report
120+ min
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European programmes
Learning mobility
Project management

Put more Q! in your international youth projects. Rate an existing project according to the European quality principles, or co-create (with your partners) a project online following 16 project questions + tons of resources at your fingertips!


The Q! App is a handy online tool that helps you put more quality in your mobility projects.


Online web-based app (no downloads or updates needed) with offline functionality.
Available in many languages.

Step by step process: 

The tutorials at will show you how the 3 different modules work (Rate Q!, Create Q! and Search Q!)

Materials and resources: 

You will find a FAQ and tutorials at


When you Rate a mobility project, you can share your rating with a colleague and start a conversation about quality + you get resources on how to make your next project better.
When co-creating a mobility project with your partners (collaborative writing), you can swipe in tips and resources to inspire your project. When finished, you simply download the final project outline for use in funding applications.


Great to have all the resources together in one place, at your fingertips.

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