Puzzle Squares

Type of tool: 
30-60 min
Topics addressed: 

 explore issues of leadership and flow of information.
 learn about team work in the context of a big picture in a kinesthetic manner.


Divide participants into groups (6-10 people). Explain that participants are going to be challenged to make a square with a rope.

Step by step process: 

 The group should form the rope into a square (4 equal sides at 90 degree angles) within the time limit specified (10 minutes is generally enough time for a good challenge);
 Everyone in the group must have their eyes shut throughout the entire exercise; this will increase the challenge even I faced some people who didn't like that.
 People can only touch the rope with their hands - once they touch the rope they cannot let go (though they can slide along the rope)! EXCEPT, the group can choose one person who - while still with eyes closed or covered - can let go of the rope and move around freely.
Ask for any questions for clarifications (do this before putting on the bandanas - it reduces anxiety!). Then ask everyone to get in a circle with their group to begin with and put on a bandana. Make sure they cannot see. Then put the rope in front of them on the ground (not in people's hands). "And go

Materials and resources: 

 Medium-length pieces of rope (4 to 8 meters)
 bandanas (pieces of cloth) to put over people's eyes.

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Submitted by Snir Almog on

A nice experience that enables the teem to deal with leadership issues and observe the pattern of communication within it. I've been facilitating similar activities but rarely do I get the chance to participate, so it was a good opportunity for my to learn first hand by experiencing. I would recommend to spend a bit more time in the debriefing in the sense of letting the participants explore their thoughts, feeling, the role they take in the group Exc. All in all - a vary nice workshop, well done!

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