Puppets on Wheels

Type of tool: 
90-120 min
Topics addressed: 
Social inclusion

A presentation will be provided about this project which targets Palestinians with a special focus on refugees. Interactive activities will be conducted and a puppetry sketch will be produced.


The project overall goal is to contribute to the development of a democratic and pluralistic society that respects human rights and enhances Palestinian National Identity. This overall objective could be used by participants while they develop their interventions in their organizations 


Puppets on Wheels is a movement that creates awareness and inspires action on discrimination faced by refugees. Yes Theatre collects and brings stories about refugees to local communities in a creative way. Puppets Theatre is adopted as a medium of expression, to engage the wider community and drive the message home. In addition, Puppets Theatre is a powerful art to spread awareness about social issues. The idea of the project is to curate real stories related to refugees, scripting them in the form of accessible puppets theatre, and preforming the piece in spaces and places that need this most. The stories and entertainment are a means to stir up the audience, address this issue, offer hope, ideas and solutions, and lead to a match needed mind-set shift. The created play will be based on a mix of stories, each one addressing a certain theme of the issue. Some stories would focus on the problem, while some would offer hope and solutions. As previously mentioned, the created play can be performed anywhere and can be customized to suit different local realities. This mechanism could help in making ideas and messages more real and clear. In addition, it can also be further customized to local contexts. Puppets theatre and storytelling are a combined methodology that could engage the wider audience and bring different categories together. 

Step by step process: 

- Human Rights Bases Approach (Communication and consultation with our societies).- Collecing of stories.- Improvisiation- Producing puppets- Create a pla

Materials and resources: 

Puppets (I will bring with me 15 puppets)Music and lighting system will be selected by participants


Participants performance in involving stakeholders is stregthened and enhanced/community participationParticipants skills in storytelling are strengthened and enhancedParticipants skills in improvisation are strengthened and enhancedParticipants skills in communicating refugees issues and problems (advocacy) are enhances


The tool will be evaluated by the people who will attend the sketch. The play will be based on the theatre of oppressed style. Audience will be asked to come to the stage to reflect on the sceen and react it. Joker will manage the debate. The results of the debate will be documented. Participants should review the debate results and reflect on the process. 

Notes for further use: 

a) My activity will be a presentation with interactive activities. The final product is a Puppet Playb) the duration of the workshop: 90 t0 120 minutes (20 minutes will be used to collect particpants feedback.
c)This tool have been using by my organization through its interventions with Palestinian refugees

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