Political Power in Al-Andalus

Type of tool: 
90-120 min
Topics addressed: 
Intercultural learning

The tool facilitates intercultural learning through reflection about the common values in three cultures.

Step by step process: 

- Split up the participants in 2 groups of 15 people and brief explanation about the activity and the route that the groups have to follow. (10 minutes)
- The activity will have three phases (in different rooms of the house) and a plenary at the end to comment and evaluate the activity.
The three different steps are:
Averroes: the activity starts with a brief sketch where Averroes (one disguised animator) will explain his thinking. Afterwards the participants have to find different statements about Averoes’s thinking hidden for all the house and written in different languages. At the end the participants have to read what they found ant to comment what the statement means. (25 minutes)

(the participants move to the next phase, 5 minutes)

Maimonides: 2 animators (women) dress with costumes this period will receive the participants in “her house”. The two women will start to discuss about the situation of the woman inserting some current topics (the divorce, women’s right, work…) Answering the questions they will introduce the Maimonides’s thinking. At the end the participants have to make banners claiming women’s right and go to the other phase like a demonstration (25 minutes)

(the participants move to the next phase)

Alfonso X: A person dress like Alfonso X open the first intercultural university in Spain. The group will be split into three groups and each group will go to a different class with a different “teacher” (Muslims, Christians and Jews). In the three classes the teacher will show a picture to the participants about a current situation of intercultural conflict (demonstrations against immigrants, poorness situation of immigrants…). After a brief introduction about the Alfonso’s thinking (specially the importance of the interculturality in political issues an his will to govern for everybody and for all cultures and religions), the participants have to discuss about the photo. The teacher can ask three questions to promote the discussion among participants: What do you see in this picture?, Which relation you find with Alfonso X’ s thinking?, Which values do you think are important to solve the conflict, for people and for the politicians?

Plenary (25 minutes): Everybody meet in plenary and they explain what they learn, their comments… The trainer will explain the aim of the activity.

Materials and resources: 

Costumes, papers, markers, pictures, thinks for the setting (tee, food, candles…).

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