PerformanSe Echo & Oriente for professional guidance and coaching

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Multimedia tool – Report
0-30 min
Topics addressed: 
Learning mobility

PerformanSe has developed a self evaluation on-line questionaire that returns reports about personal behavioral competencies that constitute the basis for a professional guidance project. It's commonly used to help employability from 16th years old people


To help young people to further understand their behavioral competencies and indentify their supporting and warning factors necessary to succeed in activities such as: dialogue, debate, supervision, creation, design,administration, management and production.
Understand one's self competencies and motivation in function of a possible job.


The methodology is relational, the personal report will provide suggestions for the development interview.

Step by step process: 

To the person is proposed to ask an on line questionare. After that a link to the questionare can be send by @mail or the person can be assessed in presence using a web connection to the site of PerformanSE.
Once answered the questionare the results are immediately available to the assessed and the coachee; a development course can be set.

Materials and resources: 

Is necessary to be trained into the PerforrmanSe competency model and the questionnaire.


Oriente aim to provide a descriptive report of the competencies of a person. This is very important especially with young people that have no or a short working experience. In this case they often find difficult to describe their competencies or express their capability. A descriptive report about activities such as: supervision, debate, design, dialogue, administration, creation and management as well a sinthesy of the supporting and warning factors for each of them is the helpful starting point of a coaching activity or a profession guidance process.


The tool is commonly used by bilance of competencies centers as well as universitarian professional guidance centers in Italy and abroad. It's a very reliable evaluation model, scientifically validated, projected to promote a relational methodology to accompany the person to emprove his/her awareness

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