Pamela (Poetry and Music Equals Legendary Art

Type of tool: 
90-120 min
Topics addressed: 
Social inclusion

Tool is focused on self expression of an individual through arts by bringing attention to different social issues.It creates a fruitful environment for a dialogue & gives opportunity to speak up about social injustices in an innovative way.


To raise awareness about the social issues which people are avoiding to contemplate about in a more fun and accessible way.


Social artistry

Step by step process: 

1. Together with the young people choose a social issue that you want to address, that is important for your community, country, city, or choose alone and put an open call for people that want to write a poem on that topic.

2. Show those poems to the musicians (you can show half and they can improvise on the spot for the other half - depends how they want it).

3. Prepare the questions (what do they know, what would they do in a certain situation, leave some empty space if they want to write a poem as an answer...)  about the topic/issue and give them to every person in the audience (with a pen)

4. After all the authors are done, give the audience some time to think about what they have seen and heard, and then collect the answers from those that don’t want to perform their answers (with a improvised musical background)

5. Discussion (how did they feel, what did they learn, what would they like to change, how do they think people from a specific group would feel if they knew they wrote a poem about them/challenges they face....

Materials and resources: 

A microphone for the poets (optional) also the equipment for the band if there will be a band (or they can do it unplugged)

Depending on the number of people in the audience - pens and papers

Chairs for everybody to sit


Outcomes will vary in a grand scale but the most important is for the people involved to hear different opinions about a well known issue and get a different perspective about it.



If the tool has been run and evaluated several times it is convenient to share the advantages, disadvantages, potentialities and limits of the tool.

Be well prepared about the topic, the discussion after may turn into a big one, you will have to facilitate the discussion, know the basics of non-violent communication

Limits: Logistically it can be a challenge if you are planning to use musical instruments and you don’t know the space where they will perform good enough, so maybe try instruments like mouth organ and percussions (or anything that can be easily transported)

Notes for further use: 

Sometimes if the topic is really sensitive (“national enemies”, LGBT…) we tell them to write the poems not as they were writing it but from the position of a person that is a part of that particular group. It tends to be really emotional and eye opening for a lot of people that are participating as poets and as the audience.

The audience sometimes wants to say their opinion in a form of a poem, and then the replies come also as poems, so be sure to plan the time according to the number of the performers and the number of audience.

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