ON or OFF - Easy to Change Activities That Work Well in Online and Offline Environment

Type of tool: 
60-90 min
Topics addressed: 
Adult education
Group dynamics

Let's try training activities together offline and online too! Which method serves the goals of the activity better? What are the pros and cons? In this WS we will talk about jolly joker activities that can be adapted to online platforms with ease.


Being flexibile is one of the most important skills today as trainers. The last few years showed us that we need to adopt quickly in order to keep on going and keep our beloved profession working under different circumstances. At the same time we know that a high quality trainings require thorough planning. But how to plan in a world where nothing is certain?
In this WS we will focus on techniques and activities that help us to remain as flexible as possible. We will explore and discuss and evaluate together in order to gain more self-confidence despite the constant change around us. .


The core of the WS is experience based learning as we discover and evaluate different techniques.

Step by step process: 

1. Introduction of the problem - trainings in our fast-changing world
2. Introduction of the training activity
3. Active participation in the activity offline
4. Active participation in the activity online - laptops needed
5. Comparison and evaluation

Please bring your own laptopos! :)

Materials and resources: 

- Participants need laptops
- A/4 sheets
- Flipchart + paper + colorful markers
- internet access


The expected outcome for the participants is raising professional self-confidence in uncertain circumstances, raising flexibility and learning new activities.

Notes for further use: 


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