A multidisciplinary model of learning, dialogue and creating history

Type of tool: 
30-60 min
Topics addressed: 
Conflict management
Learning mobility
Prevention of radicalisation

The tool is an innovative model on how to approach topics that are associated with human rights violations n the the past by involving young people in the process of overcoming differences and contradictions in the narratives that perpetuate conflicts


A multidisciplinary model of learning, dialogue and the creation of history is an innovative method of learning that seeks to involve young people, professionals and the general public in the transfer of innovative educational models and spread awareness about reconciliation, cooperation and respect across national, ethnic and social boundaries. Assertion of youth and history teachers as co-creators and actors of future realized cooperation and respect. Tool contributes to the general aim of preventing the repetition of human rights violations from the past.


Innovative compound of learning, acquaintance, dialogue, study visits, analysis and research of relevant sources, common writing common narrative.

Step by step process: 

Conference / three days: to get to know the participants, oral presentation of dominant historical narratives in the countries of origin in relation to the theme of conflicts and violations of human rights and international humanitarian law during the nineties, listening to lectures about the historical dialogue in order to acquire new knowledge and experience, as to enable them to critically examine its context and its prospects, as well as the perspective of other participants

Study trips: organized and guided visits to places of crimes and human rights violations of which will be subsequently discussed and researched. Visits include in addition to visits to the places where the crimes were committed, a conversation with contemporaries events, witnesses, visits to the museum or other memorial objects with the guidance of the curator, lectures given by the relevant scientists, as well as members of various non-governmental organizations which either operated at the relevant time or are still involved in issues regarding dealing with the past and the protection of human rights and lectures of representatives of local governments followed by participants taking notes on what they have heard, the evaluation of each study tour oral and anonymous written evaluations of experienced after each study tour.

Common work on common narratives.

Materials and resources: 

Trainers and organizers of conferences and study tours, facilitators, moderators, speakers, transport, accommodation, meals, access to on-line and off-line sources to consult for writing narratives.


The affirmation of youth and history professors as co-creators and actors of the future cooperation and mutual respect In post war societies, the contribution of the general aim of preventing the repetition of human rights violations in the past.


Tool Benefits are many - fact that it strongly contributes better knowledge of young people regarding historical facts and methods of peaceful conflict resolution, it significantly affects better connection among youth in the post war conflicting societies to overcome intolerance imposed on them, educates them about the motives of human rights violations and what would be potential solutions, allows them to positively influence their peers, family and community in general about the motives and consequences of war and violent methods of conflict resolution with a clear advocacy of non-violent conflict resolution

The limitations are that the tool demands quite a time duration, the continuity of the same participants participate, trained leaders and the moderator of the participants, spending significant financial funds.

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