Mosaic cultural festival

Type of tool: 
30-60 min
Topics addressed: 
Social inclusion

Experience being a part of a minority and of a majority, exploring the role of power relations regarding majority-minority issues.


The participants have the opportunity to learn about the exclusion of minorities from access to resources and opportunities.

Step by step process: 

Introduction of the simulation including timetable and division of participants into four groups.
Distribution of the labels according to languages of participants who should wear them all the time. The groups represent the majority (A) and the minorities (B, C and D);
Distribution of information sheets and guidelines (See Documents/Handouts).
Participants work together acting as majority and minorities within the given tasks.
Participants should take into account which minorities they represent and the colour of the minority when designing the poster.

Questions to participants for the evaluation:
•How did you feel as a member of a minority/majority?
•What was the worst /best thing to be from majority/minority?
•What did you want to change? How?
•What did you do to react?
•Did you communicate with others? Why? Why not?
•What did you learn?

Materials and resources: 

- Colored sticky paper labels of four different colors (red, green, brown, yellow);
- Tape or pins;
- Write a list of special rules for each groups;
- Simulation info sheet;
- Guidelines for the four majority/minorities A, B, C, D;
- Balloons (12 pink, 8 green, 6 orange/blue, 4 yellow).

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