"Modern infographics in non-formal education and international communication"

Type of tool: 
Multimedia tool – Report
60-90 min
Topics addressed: 
Intercultural learning
Personal development

development of cooperation between youth coaches and participants, communication through drawings, creating infographics, find ideas for visualization and simplification infographic (character and emotion).


To allow participants to see their situation within a process of development, in a context of life, in an overall planning. The obstacles we face or the image we give of us is better detectable in "movement" rather than in a photograph. The main objective - to create beautiful infographics to help communicate to the non-verbal level.


cooperative learning, discovery based learning, problem based learning

Step by step process: 

2 games for all participants to develop visual thinking (task - quickly and symbolically draw hidden word-term).

Materials and resources: 

projector presentation, flipchart with graphic drawings. Information Training Innovative Visual Tools (Dilijan, Armenia). Organizer: Erasmus + Coach - designer Francesco Tassi (London, UK). the training will also use information from the manuals Touzlend Martin, Simon Touzlend, Infographica: The World As You Have Never Seen It Before, Randy Krum "Infographics. A visual representation of the data".


Development of Visual Thinking
the ability to think graphically
the ability to communicate information to others using graphical drawings


This training high EXCLUSIVE: In the market there is no youth education training in infographics (an analysis of media schools for proposals).

Notes for further use: 

to present it (means just explaining the tool to participants)1 hour and 30 minutesI have already used this tool

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