Mirror - Solution Focused Positive Feedback Cards

Type of tool: 
90-120 min
Topics addressed: 
Personal development

Mirror is a deck of cards that consists of 30 pictures and unfinished sentences; on the back side it looks like a postcard. It is a solution focused feedback tool that enables people to connect and communicate better with each other.


The main purpose of the tool is to start developing a positive attitude towards other people, focusing your attention on things that work well, building on your own resources and giving positive feedback to other people.


The tool is a deck of cards, that can be used with minimal training. Since the cards look like a postcard, they are very intuitive and easy to use, regardless of age or training level (the only criteria is that people who want to use it should be able to write).

It can be used both as a one-on-one tool, as well as a group activity during a training. During the workshop we intend to invite participants to use it both as individuals, as well as in small groups.

Step by step process: 

Step 1:
Introduction to solution focus and feedback.
Participants get an idea about what solution focus means in practice and how they can use the main principles when it comes to working with youth or adults.

Step 2:
Introduction to the cards.
Each participant receives a deck of cards and before us revealing our suggested usage a short brainstorming group activity takes place, where participants can come up with their own areas of use for the cards. A short story of how the cards came to life and how they have been used so far, from training to coaching, from meetings to therapy, from kids to adults.

Step 3:
Activities with the cards.
Participants get to use their cards to give feedback to a randomly chosen group member, to a group member chosen by them, to themselves and to someone important to them but not participating at the workshop. If we have enough time we will show a few ice breaker and closing activities that can be performed with the cards.

Step 4:
Evaluation and feedback.
We evaluate the workshop and participants give feedback to each other and to us as well.

Materials and resources: 

Flipchart and markers.
Cards (we will bring them).


During the workshop we plan the following: - present the tool - do a few exercises on giving feedback - exploring the solution focused approach in youth work (resources, strenghts, attitude, goals) - present the tool in detail - enable participants to gain personal experience with the tool - each participant will receive 5 cards that they can use during the conference to give positive feedback to other people The outcome of using the tool is a more positive attitude as well as techniques on how to give positive feedback. The methodology accompanying the tool is a 4 step feedback giving method (also part of the workshop). We expect that after the workshop participants will have an experience on giving feedback with ease and flow, and they will have a tool that they can take home and use in everyday youth work.


- tangible tool
- people can take it home
- nice design
- easy to use
- helps people start to give feedback to each other
- it makes giving feedback easier, and flow-like
- one can read feedback over and over again
- it focuses attention on positive aspects, strenghts, resources so helps develop a positive mindset

- one can make the most use of the cards if they can read and write (technically, the can be used by people who can read and write)
- one deck consists of 30 different cards, and we sometimes experience that more people want the same card, so either they will make do with what they have or you have to have more than one deck of cards
- it might be difficult or it needs more facilitation if you want to use it in a group where people meet for the first time or have spent only a little time together

Notes for further use: 

The cards can be used with:
- individuals
- smaller groups (2-5 people; 5-7 people; 10-15 people)
- larger groups (20-30 people; 50-100 people)

The areas of use are:
- training
- coaching
- team coaching
- evaluation, performance appraisal
- self development
- communication
- conflict management
- mindset development
- team building.

We will provide participants with a booklet containing 13 activities.

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