Type of tool: 
60-90 min
Topics addressed: 

This tool is a workshop in which participants will discuss the concept of minorities by using a map to place the minorities in the European region. It is an interactive and fun way to approach an important topic of nowadays.


Increase the level of knowledge about the minorities in the different EU countries while considerinfg the religious, ethnic and linguistic perspectives.  


This tool is an exemple of discovery based learning and cooperative learning. It gives the participants the opportunity to work on an important thematic nowadays in the society through playing but also through sharing important notions about the different types of minorities and their origines. Without cooperation and team work, this tool is not feesable. 

Step by step process: 
  • Step 1: the flipchart are arranged in several places of the room, participants in groups of 5 must answer the question written on the flipchart after small group discussion. After 5 minutes, the groups move to another flipchart to discuss the new question and write down their answer. this action will be repeated 4 times the number of flipchart available in the room.
  • Step 2: keeping the same group, participants will have blank maps of Europe with the flags of minorities in order to place them on the map. they will have 20 minutes to do it. They will not have the right to use Internet tools to help them find the answers
  • Step 3: Participants should find the type of each given minority and make discints groups
  • Step 4: in a plenary, participants will share the results.
  • Step 5: a powerpoint presentation of the results will be made and a discussion around the concept of minorities and the link with the actuality will be done.


Materials and resources: 

The Matereial needed for this activity is the ollowing:

  • Video projector
  • Computer
  • flipshart
  • markers
  • Europe Map
  • Flags of minorities
  • glue
  • cisors
  • post-it
  • pencils

- Knowledge of the different types of minorities existing in Europe- Sharing ideas and points of view of the participants about the thematic- Better knowledge of the Geography of Europe 


This tool has been used once during the TC Role and Place of minorities in the Euromed context.At the beginning it was created to make a link between the two sides of the mediterranean sea but it was very complicated to find the flags of the minorities of the Meda region, that's why it has been modified to be done on the european region only.

Notes for further use: 

It is an adaptable tool on other regions and countries in the world.We can also add an artistic and funny part through a quiz about music and languages of the differents countries and region in Europe and the participants have to guess.    

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