MiA - Motive in Action

Type of tool: 
90-120 min
Topics addressed: 

The ability to self-motivate and motivate others is a central element in any area of life. The main objective is to make participants reflect on their motivational style and how to cope with situations of lack of motivation or decrease of motivation.


Motivation is the key element in the field of volunteering and work. The ability to self-motivate and motivate others is a central element in any area of life.


The methodology of this workshop is definitely included in the roots of discovery based learning and peer learning. Discovering themselves and rationalize the situations the participants can better understand themselves and improve the participation.

Step by step process: 

MiA is divided into 4 phases for 90 minutes:
1 Brainstorming carried out in order to get a list of the things what motivate them, through the answer to the question "What motivates you?".
2 Reflection, through the answers provided they are going to discover different motivational styles. (intrinsic and extrinsic motivation).
3 List of the situations in which the participants had / experienced a motivational lack / decrease (In which situation did you have a lack or a drop of motivation?).
4 Comparison of the various points of view and pooling in order to provide tools to increase self-motivation and others' motivation.

Materials and resources: 

For MiA the facilitator needs these tools: flip-charts, post-its and markers through which the participants can provide their contributions in each steps.

The performance of MiA will be decided by the facilitator in relation to group dynamics: if the group will have a good level of cooperation, the facilitator will encourage active participation by providing pens to each participant and asking to intervene directly on flip-charts.

If the group is self-reflexive oriented, the facilitator can provide post-its in order to express better themselves.

In case if the group has mixed dynamics, the facilitator (as mediator) can report the participant's contributions on the flip-charts.


The expected outcome of MiA is to increase the participants' awareness of the "know-how" and the importance of motivation.
We also want to try to provide them useful ideas to improve the interaction in the context where they act.

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