Media is us

Type of tool: 
90-120 min
Topics addressed: 
Gender issues

Participants explore how media can be a powerful tool for empowering women by realizing a media product aiming to change the role and image of women in EuroMed.

Step by step process: 

1. We start with the reflections of the previous slot on the image of women in media (tool called "Look at this!")

2. We show some video clips of music as a way of inspiring them for the task they will have to do.

3. Trainers divide participants into groups of 6.

4. The task of the groups is to create an advertisement, programme or any other media product (newspaper, article, TV, radio…) for helping to change the image and role of women in EuroMed -(30’)

5. The groups present their production.
(5’ each, 25’ in total)

6. Plenary discussion about the running of the exercise: was it easy? Was it visible how powerful the media can be? Can be some of the ideas that come up be transferred to the reality ?…

7. Showing a video from Egypt (EuroMed T-Bag) as an example of “good practice”. Showing eventually other examples.

Materials and resources: 

Videos, A4 colour paper, pens, markers, scissors, cello tape, CD player and music, plastic bags, colour papers, any other useful material in the room.

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