A Matter of Time - simulation game

Type of tool: 
60-90 min
Topics addressed: 
Group dynamics
Project management

A simulation demonstrating how to raise the efficiency of activities by means of coordination. "A Matter of Time" is a metaphor of company in a pill – it simulates a company/organization mechanisms, interrelations and challenges.


A simulation demonstrating how to raise the efficiency of activities by means of coordination.
A Matter of Time is a company in a pill – it simulates a company mechanisms, interrelations and challenges. The game represents a company in a state of raised temperature or, rather, a situation when one must react quickly and efficiently because each moment may become decisive.


Simulation game

Step by step process: 

Apart from the instruction each participant receives a series of task cards –he/she has to make a plan and schedule his/her working week. Some tasks are to be performed individually, while others require the help and cooperation of other departments.

Materials and resources: 

- set of the game "Matter of time"
- projector
- laptop


- Development of skills related to time and project management
- Creating cooperation within and among teams
- Improving task planning and coordination processes


The game won a ISAGA Award for best designed game in 2010. Big disadvantage for TOOL FAIR is that you can not easy copy this tool. If you want to use exactly this game - you have to buy it. However, you can be inspired by the mechanisms and think about creating your own game

Notes for further use: 

WORKING WITH TOOLS workshop, implement, I have been providing workshop with this game many times working with youth volunteers, 60 minutes

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