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Organisational management
Social inclusion

Since 2013 in Warsaw non-governmental organizations operate in the consortia implementing Local Support Systems.Their task is to prevent the social exclusion of young people, giving equal opportunities and social reintegration.There is 12 LSS in Warsaw


Presentation how looks in practice projects carried out  by consortia or associations of a few to several non-governmental organizations with public institutions, based on their close cooperation.


cooperative learning

Step by step process: 

1.      Activities: Educational, preventive, therapeutic;  recreational trips and camps for children and youth.2.      Support the wider educational environment (parents, guardians, educators, psychologists, social workers, etc.), Through advisory and consultative activities and training.3.      Provide social support to children, youth, families derived from the poor, pathological environments, who are in a difficult emergency situations, which could help them in independent and active functioning in society.4.      Develop effective methods of working with families, children, youth, substantive staff.5.      Cooperate with other institutions and organizations of a similar profile of activity or in terms of achieving the aims  6.       Conduct activities: stationary (daily), in an open environment – in the field, in the form of trips (including the organization of leisure activities for children and young people).

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There is any special materials needed only projector and laptop.


- feedback - sharing, or in other countries there are such partnerships and how they work- Brainstorm, as though the presented system functioned in conditions of another country


advantages: Cooperation, systemic actiondisadvantages: complicated managementrisk: We will not embrace each game are saved not need supportPotentialities: assumption of Youth Center 

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