Let's become a team rather than a group

Type of tool: 
30-60 min
Topics addressed: 
Social inclusion

It aims to identify the main stakeholders that the team of any project are working to serve, shared purpose and team values


Bring an organization or project members togther to undestand each other better and the mission they are serving together


Group learning facilitated by a coach or facilitator

Step by step process: 

The facilitator introduces the workshop (the meaning of systems and why they are so important)
The facilitator introduces the first tool of the activity which is stakeholder mapping
Participants have 5 minutes to write the key stakeholders their organizations is serving
We take 5 minutes for a shareback from the group
We take another 5 minutes to write the secondary stakeholders
We take 5 minutes for shareback
Another 5 minutes to get feedback from the participants concerning the first activity
We then move to introducing the second tool which is the common purpose
The whole group has 10 minutes to think about the purpose of their organization
We take 1 minute each to introduce their purpose, and then we try to write a common purpose for all the represented organizations
We then move to the last tool which is value identification
Everyone has 5 minutes to list the values that they can bring to their organization
We take around 10 minute for share back and then we try to think about the tasks each individual will be good at thanks to their values or skills
We conclude the session with a short feedback from everyone who participated in the activity

Materials and resources: 

Pens, papers, sticky notes, coloring pens, background music

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