Let’s meet the three cultures

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Multimedia tool – Report
120+ min
Topics addressed: 
Intercultural learning

This report is about dealing with very sensitive topics as religion, cultures, identity and education is challenging in more than one aspect. Could be use to design a training cycle involving the three cultures in EuroMed context.


The overall aim of the Training Course was to develop Euro
Mediterranean cooperation through the existing EUROMED YOUTH and YOUTH IN ACTION Programmes within an intercultural context.
The focus was put on increasing the youth workers and youth leaders’ skills in EuroMed cultures and enhancing their active participation in bringing both sides of the Mediterranean together.


Intercultural activities were organized using different techniques and methods linked to communication tools namely; languages, art forms, food, traditions requiring as much as possible of the five senses.
Activities were organized as well using different techniques and methods linked to verbal and non-verbal communication.
Each group had to deal with a given topic relevant to the three cultures and the concept of secularism when applicable. Each group had to make the necessary research in order to develop and deliver a two-hour non-formal education activity to the rest of the group. A special emphasis was constantly put on its transferable characteristics with the perspective of practically implementing it in the youth work within the EuroMed region.

Step by step process: 

See the attached report (PDF) as documentary source.

Materials and resources: 

See the attached report (PDF) as documentary source.

Notes for further use: 

Video reports from Cordoba, Antwerp and Paris editions of the TC's could be consulted in the Embed Media section.

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