Type of tool: 
120+ min
Topics addressed: 
Intercultural learning

This activity offers to the participants a neutral space to speak about prejudices and stereotypes they have about minorities in Meda countries, specifically in Lebanon.


This workshop aims to give better understanding of minorities in Lebanon as well understanding that prejudices and stereotypes are coming from our backgrounds of culture, religion, history and sometimes lack of knowledge.


Interaction. Working groups. Team work. Discussion in plenary.

Step by step process: 

Present a short film about minorities in Lebanon (a map of communities division and interviews). -5 min.

Division of group into 6 sub-groups related to a religious symbol taking in consideration Meda and EU participants in each group. -5 min.

Each group will take several questions and photos regarding the different communities in Lebanon. They will try to find the right answer between multiple choices. They will hang all the questions and their responses in 6 different corners in the plenary. -30 min.

Each group will get the right to explain its point of view or its answer and give more information. The facilitator will put a point for each group on a table sheet in order to have one group winner. -30 min.

Debriefing -30 min.:
• How did you feel during this exercise? Did you like it or not, and why?
• Was it difficult to take one common decision within the group?
• From where did you get your information? Were they based on true facts?
• How much did you consider yourself knowing about Meda culture and specifically Lebanon?
• How much do you have prejudices and stereotypes?

Power point presentation -7 min.:
• Information about 18 communities: differences and similarities.
• Photos of religious places.
• Religious ceremonies
• Final conclusion (photo of the 18 communities).

Materials and resources: 

Film, LCD projector, laptop, speakers.
Cartoons and pens for questions and answers.
Table sheet for points.
Symbols for the division of the 6 sub groups.
Power Point presentation.

Notes for further use: 

For the first presentation (Present a short film about minorities in Lebanon) take the chance of interviewing other participants before the workshop or do it in advanced before the activity.
Find the music in YOUTUBE or other EMBED Media, according to the participants' countries you have in your activity, plus other ones not present.
In the publication SALTO EuroMed 09 - MINORITIES you will find all the graphic documentation for the exercise.
The VIDEO from VIMEO is the full video report of the TC where the Tool was developed.

As a follow-up of the activity, you can propose an exercise to open a reflection about how difficult can be to be on other people's shoes, to understand their feelings and their context. It is necessary and crucial to accept differences and tolerate them.
Shoes exercise -10 min.:
• The group will stand in a circle.
• When the music starts, each participant will take off his shoes and run around the circle.
• When the music stops, each participant must wear a pair of shoes.

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