its like you are my mirror

Type of tool: 
90-120 min
Topics addressed: 
Conflict management
Prevention of radicalisation

its a game matched between energizer and exercies , could we start our day with during the training cource , it can be used for trainings related to any topic related to Radicalization , extremism Violence extremism terrorism and fake news


let the participant aware about Radicalization , extremism Violence extremism and terrorism and the connection between these words and fake news and social stability


cooperative learning ,

Step by step process: 

let the participant aware about Radicalization , extremism Violence extremism and terrorism and the connection between these words and fake news and social stability
description of the tool
1- The exercise must start at morning as energizer : split the participants for two groups and ask them to stand infront of each other (they will work in pairs )
Round one (recommended to be outdoor activity)
- Participants in line A will be mirror to Line B for 5 minutes : participants in Line B will be like who is doing some exercise in front of mirror , Participants in Line A will do whatever line B participants doing
- We repeat this round for the same time but we make replacement for the role between A and B lines

Round Two: ( 5 minutes for discussion and 5 minutes for practicing for each group )
- You asked Line A group and line B group to work together as two separate bodies and this time each group will be in separate place (recommended different rooms )important thing its not allow to move between groups the mission now they have to think in 5 things tp put in list and they will ask other group to do as group mirror
- in this stage the role of trainer is very important because he is the only one who could move between two groups to give them some instructions or advices or some fake information about other group –the purpose to warmup the relation between two groups and make it hard
- Practicing :each group have five minutes to use their mirror(other group )in what they mentioned in the list
Round Three 3 minutes for discussion and 5 minutes for practicing
- You asked two groups to back and discuss within the group for another list but this time you have to choose only 3
Round Four 10 -15 minutes discussion about what happened
After this game you ask the participants to sit in one group and ask them
- Your feeling at first round when we make it as energizer ? try to get more answers
- Your feeling second round , then third round ? try to get more answers
- Why do you think level of chosen list got higher ? ? try to get more answers
- Was your welling’s were the same at all rounds ? why , ? try to get more answers
- Why did you change your attitude at second and third round ?
- Who was controlling your attitude ?did you try to discuss the reason for all this ?

Round five , 10 minutes to group discussion 5 minutes for presentation for each
When you get notes for all their answers ask them to go back to the same groups and this time give them 5 colored papers written on them five words (radicalization ,, violence , extremism , violence extremism and terrorism )the mission is make structure for this words and connection between them
After two presentation from the group : you make the correct structure for them and connection between these words and fake news and stability within our societies and finish this exercise with showing them video about this definition

Materials and resources: 

colored papers and markers


the participants start thinking seriously on impact of fake news on our life and how it could shape our future ,
they participants start thinking twice when they want to post, share or even put likes at social media


the feedback came from particpnats was super nice , we are thinking to develop more tools related to fake news

Notes for further use: 

high recommended to be used for training related to all topics we have discussed

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