Intro to the studies on minorities

Type of tool: 
120+ min
Topics addressed: 
Social inclusion

An “exhibition market” about the situation of minorities in different countries encourage participants to reflect and exchange about the situation of minorities in European and MEDA countries.


Participants discuss about the issues of minorities and gain new knowledge about the situation of minorities from the countries whose representatives participate in the training course.

Step by step process: 

Introduction-10 minTo the “exhibition market” about the situation of minorities in the different countries. Participants get the task of organising a kind of market to present the situation of minorities in their countries based on the information collected before the course:

•existing law on the minorities in your country;
•number of minorities;
•kind of minority (linguistic, ethnic, religious);
•problems faced by minorities;
•remarkable things done by minorities;
•photos from the minorities in their countries;
•main minority and languages;
•one wrong info about minorities.Preparation - 50 minMarket - 2 hoursFor an hour the MEDA participants visit the European exhibition. Then for another hour the Europeans visit the Meda one.

Materials and resources: 

Colour paper, flipchart, A4 papers, pens, colour markers, materials brought by participants, photos.


This exhibition opens the eyes of participants about new realities and the unknown. It makes them reflect on different issues, on differences and similarities among minorities, on the situation of the country itself, and a lot of interesting issues are discussed among them, things they agree and disagree about.

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