Intercultural games : “The cockerel that goes: Cockadoodledoo !” + multilingual riddles game + world music Blind Test

Type of tool: 
60-90 min
Topics addressed: 
Peer Education
Social inclusion

We will be presenting 3 games we have created. These games work on multilingualism and centre on the theme of interculturality.


To reflect on interculturality by playing games, to hear and learn new languages. The general purpose of the tool is for an educational/training setting


Cooperative Learning

Step by step process: 

We will start by a short presentation of our general intercultural project, with information about the association. Then we will describe the three games ( from their origin to their use). After the presentation, we split everyone up into two groups; one will play the riddles game, the other will play “The cockerel that goes: Cockadoodledoo. After playing the two games, everyone who wishes to play will have a go at the Blind test. After trying out each game, we will have a time of discussion where people can suggest improvements or say what they liked about the activity.

Materials and resources: 

- A paper board + marker
- Speakers
- (A video projector if possible but not necessary) - to quickly show our website


These games make intercultural dialogue possible. They also help us to reflect on the importance of working as a team and including everyone. The players will have had the pleasure of playing together and learning all about other cultures.


We haven’t had the opportunity to evaluate our games because they were only created very recently.

Notes for further use: 

The three games can be easily adapted to other languages and we can easily make other versions with new content.
Duration of the whole workshop (presentation of the three tools) : 1h30
We are going to present the tools and try to give a demonstration as to how they are played, for the Blind test at least.
We have already used the blind test tool, and showed the two others.

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