Ignite Your Skills

Type of tool: 
Multimedia tool – Report
30-60 min
Topics addressed: 
European programmes
Personal development

Ignite Your Skills is a series of 8 video tutorials that explain and initiate a further discussion and reflection on the 8 key competences that are acquired by participating in Erasmus projects and reflective thinking is promoted by filling out a diary.


The goal of the tool is to make 8 key competences more user-friendly and to point out the importance of completing Youthpass at the end of each project. By looking at, discussing, and analyzing key competencies, they point to their importance and give a brilliant introduction to reflection as a process and reflection on them at the very beginning and during the project.


The tool consists of 8 video tutorials that can be used in different ways during an international project. The tool can be used as an information video about 8 key competencies, to initiate further discussions on the competences that are acquired in the project. Each video can serve as an introduction to the new day and it is not necessary to view and process all 8 videos on the same day, as they can function as separate entities.

Step by step process: 

The tool consists of 8 video tutorials that can be used in different ways during a project and can function as separate entities.
1. Informative video at the beginning of the project to get participants acquainted with 8 key competencies
2. to initiate further discussions on the competences gained on the project
3. Introduction at the beginig of each day as a topic to be discussed for the enitre day (eg. foreign languages - if it's a theme of the day or project then only take that video and vwatch it with participants first as an introduction to the topic)
4. Initiator for new videos - existing video tutorials can be used as an introduction to brainstorm ideas that can be new videos about key competencies

Materials and resources: 

The materials used are actually 8 video tutorials:
1. Introduction video:
2. Key competence 1 - Mother tongue:
3. Key Competence 2 – Foreign Language:
4. Key Competence 3 – Mathematical Competence and Basic Competences in Science and Technology:
5. Key Competence 4 – Digital Competence:
6. Key Competence 5 – Learning to Learn:
7. Key Competence 6 – Social and Civic Competences:
8. Key Competence 7 – Sense of Initiative and Entrepreneurship:
9. Key Competence 8 – Cultural Awareness and Expression:


The outputs of the tools are:
1. Getting to know the 8 key competences
2. Better informating about each of the 8 key competencies
3. Getting acquainted with Youthpass and the importance of fulfilling it
4. Reflection through the Reflective Diary for the project as a whole
5. Acquiring basic knowledge of media literacy


So far, the tool has been implemented on several international projects and only positive reactions have been gained. Colleagues who used the tool had a brief discussion of key competencies after each of the videos they watched, and at the end of the overall screening they made a few short games about key competences and found improvement in understanding by the participants.

Notes for further use: 

There are different ways this tool can be used. Of course you should pay attention that it is not enough just to show the video tutorials and not talk ad discuss them and key competences with participants. This is important both from the aspect of media literacy but also from the point of view of understanding the entire process of creation as well as the meaning of 8 key competencies and further reflection process.

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