HaKa HaKa

Type of tool: 
60-90 min
Topics addressed: 
Group dynamics
Organisational management

The "HAKA haka" tool is a one-hour dance and theater game between two teams in a public space or large space to play with each team who will try impresses the other in an atmosphere of competition and friendly to create a dynamic development of people's


, - the aims of Working together in HAKA HAKA is how to work with a topic relevant for a community, basics of creating and how to put a message into a performance and discovery and build her personal skills : creativity, self expression, connecting to others, flexibility, observation, listening, practicing, , , focus, leadership, initiative, involving people, handling diversity, setting goals and priorities, planning, organising, evaluating progress


: i use some methodology in haka haka tool activity :
- outdoor education
- arts, dance, theatre improvisation
- cultural awareness and expression
- learning to learn
- voice expression
- be defferent to learn and change.

Step by step process: 

- duration : 60 min 1 step: watch the video that explains the game and the story of HAKA (5 min)
2nd step: choose their leader and moderator for each team (5 min)
Step 3: Under the pressure of time each team will train on the Tools with a technical accompaniment of dance and theater with an informal education learn (15min)
4th step: get an idea about other cultures through 1 minute and 2 minute methode disguise videos (10 min)
5th step: distribute boxes of make up for this disguised (we can also add empty cans beer / soda ...) or recover objects that makes noise ...) and continues to drag. (10 minutes)
NB: all young people are always they must be pressed by the time for the manager and master their decision.
Step 6: Launch the friendly competition between the two groups with the accompaniment of the group leader who encourages them to impress the opponent.
(5 min)
(we need one jury team and public people to look and choose the winner team)
Step 7: (evaluation) discuss outputs and explain the objectives of the tool (10min)

Materials and resources: 

(14 to 20 people to 30 people)
video projector
makeup / budy painting
deguisement or unique form
large space / room or in public space
2 volunteers


the groups he feel a lot of energy, he broke the glass together, he's laughing, and every person is going to see something that's happening in his home, and the band is going to be sold out together. he will talk a lot, between them without barriers. and is to understand the values of leadership, the solidarity between groups, the pressure of the time of the good descision.


i use some methodology in haka haka tool evaluation :
- How do you feel?
- Did you think you are losing it? How? How did you feel?
- What did you observe ?
- you keep this focus if have a futur project ??

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