Growing Decision Makers

Type of tool: 
90-120 min
Topics addressed: 
Organisational management

Our tool is designed for ambitious young people who imagine their-selves as entrepreneurs .We use decision making tools to make it happen.


Our tool creates opportunities for youth to find their inner motivation while they are called to receive difficult decisions for their-selves or for their community.


Our tool is a simulation,discovery based learning and problem based learning. 

Step by step process: 

Our tool is a handmade notebooks with 50 questions or steps to implement. Below you can discover a map related to the basic categories:1.Be realistic and retreat  yourself with rewards upon a successful milestone If you have motivation you can achieve your goal easier and rewarding can be a motivation to encourage each one of us. 2. Make a list of the possible obstacles and your fears so in the future would be easier to overcome them. If you will prepare for the unknown future, you will be capable to minimize the dangers and the obstacles, which you can face in the future. 3. Imagine an ideal scenario of your work and start implementing it. Each of us has a dream and this dream we can do it reality. For example be the supervisor, who gone have. 4. It’s better to work on many projects to keep your mind in wakefulness. If you are working on many projects, you can be more effective, because when you get bored or ineffective in one project, you can work on the other one. 5. It’s so simple but still important: Always promote your work. Right promotion can highlight your work and bud promotion can tank your work. So it’s very important to show your work from the begging to the end. This can also attach to your work fame and popularity. 6. Be organizing because this can help you to be pioneer. Nowadays it’s very difficult to be pioneer, but this can be the characteristic, that can drive you to the success instead others. For example a pioneer business it’s more possible to be point of interest than another business than have nothing new to show off. 7. Learn the basic rules on finance: a) Do a budget) Do thrift c) Don’t count on others money. Finance is always a difficult job to do especially when you run a business. So it’s very important the financial activities based on simplicity. 8. Do a time schedule and be punctual on that. Even in daily routine punctuality is essential, because can provide an enterprise. For example in a business punctuality can related with a well-organized business and this fact can also sign reliability.

Materials and resources: 

Create personalized notebooks for each participant. We don't have music related with our tool. 


 Some of the outcomes, that we expect are: Ability to recognize if a business opportunity or a business goal is the right decision, understanding of how to launch the individual's entrepreneurial career, find the inner motivation and receive support from their community to implement their decisions. 


Since it is an integral process for the participants to find their-selves it is difficult to offer a quality measured evaluation.Always we will ask feedback from our participants to improve the questions and the steps. Our tool is designed so it will utilise crowdsourcing ,that means groups of future entrepreneurs will always add -remove content. 

Notes for further use: 

We want to implement our tool during the TFXI.The duration of the workshop : 1 hour and 30 minutes - 2 hours.We haven't finalized the tool yet since the meeting with the creation and testing team will take place during Middle of October. 

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