Gift Giving Experience

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90-120 min
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The Gift Giving experience tool is a practical method that allows participants to experience how Design Thinking can be used to create innovative solutions to problems or needs


Design Thinking is a new methodology that is currently being used especially in social entrepreneurship. One of the most interesting steps is the Discovery moving from problem tree to the solution using Human Centered approaches to create solutions. This method can be used for youth to create innovative solutions to problems that can be either social or business initiatives or social entrepreneurship or business ventures. The discovery phase of Design Thinking including Problem Tree, Interview Results, Persona, User Journey Map, Needs Diagram and HOW CAN WE question is the concept I would like to share using a game called the GIFT GIVING EXPERIENCE


The Gift Giving experience is an exercise through which participants discover the Design Thinking steps used in finding creative solutions to problems or needs.
From identifying a problem to Interviewing users, to ideation of solutions and prototyping it and finalyzing the process bY answering the questions HOW CAN WE.

Participants will be divided into pairs, and each pair will work on a step by step process with clear instructions from the trainer to discover the phases listed above.
The idea is for each pair to work on the "HOW DO I BUY GIFTS?" question, identify a problem and use the process to find a creative solution for his/her colleague related to buying better gifts next time
At the end each person will select the best proposed solution and learn how to visualize it in 2D and 3D formats using the prototyping step.
Prototypes will be presented
While debriefing, Trainer explains that this process can be used to approach any problem or challenge, at home, at work or on community level
While working with youth, the process is used to support youth in developing social entrepreneurship concepts.

Step by step process: 

Step 1: What is Design thinking - Steps of Design Thinking - (Flip Chart and Projector)
Step 2: Experiencing the process through the exercise - (Gift Giving Experience handout One copy for each participant + coloring pen)
Step 3: Prototyping (modeling clay, ribbons, small balls, wooden sticks, colored A4 papers, markers, paper tape, and any other material available can be used)
Step 4: Presentation of prototypes in Plenary

Materials and resources: 

The Gift Giving Experience handout. 1 copy for each participant
Coloring Pen - Post it notes
Materials for prototyping: modeling clay, ribbons, small balls, wooden sticks, colored A4 papers, markers, paper tape, and any other material available can be used


Prototypes of solutions


Not to be used with a very large number of people (maximum 20) to allow space for each person to work and share

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