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Type of tool: 
60-90 min
Topics addressed: 
European programmes

An interactive activity which brings about human rights and the motivation to act as an active agent for human rights.


To create awareness among young people of the respect of human rights

Step by step process: 

1st Part:•Tell the participants to sit in a circle.•Give a balloon to each participant and tell them to blow their own balloon.•Place a slip a slip of paper on which one particular human right would be written in each balloon before participants put a knot •After they finish, tell the participants to put their balloon in the middle of the group.•Encourage them to mix all balloons and take one balloon that was not their own. •Divide the big group into smaller groups of about 5 participants and make sure that each group is a mix of two colours. •Mark the floor with small piece of masking tape for each group. Put this piece of tape some meters away from each other.•Move each group with their balloon near the tape. •Give a rope 4/5m to each group and tell them to make a loop with the rope. •All the participants stay inside the loop. •Tell the participants that their task is to take one particular coloured balloon on one side of the room and the other colour on another side. •One important rule of the game is that  balloons need to be kept afloat in the air while the group is moving. •Give a very limited time for the group to do carry out the task: maybe 5 – 10 minutes •Observe the dynamics of the groups so it can be used during the debriefing.•Stop the game so you can start a discussion and evaluation what was happening.•Ask some of the following questions for discussion:oWhat have you experienced?oWas it easy to move all balloons towards the right destination? Why?oWhat difficulties were encountered and how could they be solved?2nd Part:•Tell the participants to take back a balloon and burst the balloon.•Tell them to read the paper that was inside the balloon.•Start again the discussion using the suggested questions. oTo what do you link these extracts?oAsk someone to share the content on the slip of paper. Is it easy or difficult for people to have access that human rights?oIs there coherence between the awareness and knowledge about human rights and actual realization?oIs there a link between what was happening in the balloon game and the reality of young people?oWhat challenges in accessing rights do young people may be facing?oDo you think rights are promoted and guaranteed in your country?oHow is responsible for this?oWhat can you do and can you influence your context?3rd Part:•Tell the participants to go back in their original group•Give the participants the following questions to discuss:oWhat steps or action can you take?oDo you have a role?oCome up with actions that can be taken up and supported under the framework of Erasmus + program?  

Materials and resources: 

•Balloons – 2 or more different colours•Flip charts•Human rights cards•Markers•Rope 4/5m long•Masking tape•List of human rights on small pieces of paper (as attached) 

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