Gather - Interactive e-learning space

Type of tool: 
Multimedia tool – Report
60-90 min
Topics addressed: 

GatherTown is a web based communication hub that uses users creativity and teamwork to build and design a perfect online space for the group or class.
Laptop or a tablet is needed for this workshop


General goal of this web platform is to use alternative interactive solution to regular e-learning and communication environments while providing safe online space with easily understandable and accessible features.
By using this tool, the main emphasizes are on increasing online interactivity and engagement, while using elements of non formal education and participants creativity.


E-learning - Tool itself is an online education environment that only facilitates video, chat and direct communication, but also encourages direct engagement and group work.
Peer learning - As tool uses proximity chat and video, participants are encouraged to learn from others.

Step by step process: 

Step 1: Introduction 5min (presentation equipment, computer, ethernet connection)
Introduction of the web platform and how it can be used in youthwork, education and for community building.

Step 2: Idea generation 15min
Discussion between participants:
Who can they use this web platform
Who is the target group

Step 3: Environment building 40min (participants need computers)
Participants build there own web spaces in web platform based on the discussion earlier. They can use text/video tutorials and divide to smaller groups for smoother workflow. Participants are motivated to use teamwork as building the web space has limited time.

Step 4: Presenting and evaluation 30min

Each group presents their own web space to the other participants and demonstrates how would they use the platform.
Reflection on the tool(advantages, disadvantages, personal usage of the tool)

Materials and resources: 

Workshop can have any number of participants, depends if is in online or local environment.
Online - Online presentation platform(Zoom, Meet, Team)
Local - Presentation equipment, computer, ethernet connection.
Participants also need computers(web app is still in development).

Gather -
Gather 101 -
Gather 102 -
Mapmaker -

Video tutorials -


The expected results for our participants after completing this workshop is for them to learn digital skills and online communication and discover alternative ways to communicate and build online communities.
Youth Center Gather space -

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