Gamified training follow up

Type of tool: 
90-120 min
Topics addressed: 
Peer Education

This a follow up method for trainings on a blended learning platform. The workshop offers possibility to try it out yourself online, see how far we got with the development and learn basics of gamification also.


The aim of the tool is to create an online learning space and a process for the participants to keep on learning, experimenting after the learning mobility. This blended learning process aims to give challenges, questions to the participants that help them incorporate the newly gained knowledge in their everyday lives.


The methodology is based on findings on human learning, blended learning solutions and the outcomes of recent research on gamification.
The previous ones create the thread of learning possiblities serving the creation of a personalised learning pathway, the latter provides tools of motivations.

During the ToolFairX workshop I invite you to work online and offlien of course. To try the platform and get a taste of it.
We are going to work on what kind of follow would serve the most the inspirational learning process of the ToolFair and how could we support the participants in keeping on experimenting with some new tools that they brought home.

Step by step process: 

Inviting participants on the platform before the mobility.
After / during the mobility introducing the process of the blended learning process.
During the online part the facilitator supports the participants with gradually increasing challenges, questions, and invitations to interact, provides learning materials that are relevant to the course.

Materials and resources: 

We are going to use the online platform for blended learning that we develop (called Practify).
So at least half of the participants need to have laptops.


The outcomes are a more detailed picture of the on-the-job learning processes of the participants - for the facilitator and for the participants also. If there are other stakeholders in the picture too (like HR or National Agencies) they can get also a more detailed picture of the long time effects of the mobility.
A learning process that is more rooted in the everyday lives of the participants.
A peer learning community online that supports participanst to keep on challenging themselves, trying out new things, reflecting.
A blended learning process that is long and personal enough to have a bigger impact than a simple training course / learning mobility without such follow up.
Easy, gradual learning process.


Of course the tool is under development so it is still evolving. For more information see:
So far the learners and the facilitors highlighted the potential they saw in it.
The disadvantages are due to the different possibilities for using blended learning platforms and in the diverse IT literacy of participants.

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