Frames and gender equality, 5 keys for a change

Type of tool: 
90-120 min
Topics addressed: 
Gender issues
Human rights

For being a competent youth worker you must be gender conscious, this method is a starter where you reflect about stereotyping about gender and how it effects young people and youth work.


To make youth workers and youth work more sensitive about how gender and norms affects.
Inspire people to work with gender equality in the youth work.

Step by step process: 

Brainstorming, reflection, input, discussion.
1. Starts with an introduction about frames and gender
2. Brainstorming and writing in frames on the whiteboard

3. Reflection and discussion about consequences around gender stereotypes.
Presentation of 5 keys for gender equality in youth work.
1. Own awareness and leadership
2. Marketing and recruitment
3. Climate for/in the participant group
4. The room and the premises
5. The activities that are chosen
Discussion at each key.

Materials and resources: 

A flip chart or whiteboard and a pen, if possible a projector for showing and explaining (but is not necessary).


More gender sensitive youth work.
Challenging gender stereotypes in youth work.
Inspiration how to work with gender equality in youth work.


The participants even those who thinks that gender equality is not an important task often think it is an interesting discussion and get ideas about their and the frames and norms they are working in.
The learning outcome is not measurable direct, it is more of at starting point for reflection and an introduction for a start of changing the way of working in a more gender conscious way.

Notes for further use: 

The leader need to have knowledge about leading process for groups, be used to asking open questions and have knowledge about gender equality.
It is important that the leader has knowledge about gender equity, norm critial thinking and power structure in groups. It is also important that the leader has an open mind for different aspects and use curiosity as one way to challenge the participants.

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