Frame (religious, linguistic and ethnic)

Type of tool: 
90-120 min
Topics addressed: 
Social inclusion

Using geographical maps, language maps and a music quiz the tool increases the level of knowledge about the minorities in EU and Meda countries taking into account the religious, linguistic and ethnic perspectives.


Participants working to developp their kowledge of the people and the minorities from both sides of the Mediterranean Sea – EU and Meda countries.

Step by step process: 

Working groups:
The participants are split in groups of 5 persons; each group has an empty map with Meda and EU countries (only with the borders of the countries), 2 scissors and 1 glue stick. The group has to find the minority and stick the minority flag on the map, identifying correctly the geographical area.
The following six categories of minorities:
•Nation without state;
•One nation, strong autonomy, one historical territory;
•Nation without state and autonomy;
•National minority from a neighbouring state;
•Native people;
•No name people (nomads);
have to be identified according to the maps which are presented in a slide show. The participants are encouraged to give examples for each category of minority.

European languages presentation:
The map of the European languages is presented to provoke the participants to discuss about the minority languages versus majority languages.

Presentation of 20 songs from Euromed area; the task for participants is to recognize the origin country or geographical area of the song.

Every group presents its options and they are discussed in plenary.

Materials and resources: 

- An empty map with Europe and Meda countries.
- Flags of the people and minorities from Europe and Meda countries. 

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