Follow the women

Type of tool: 
90-120 min
Topics addressed: 
Gender issues

Participants reflect and discuss about why and how sports can be used as a means to empower women.

Step by step process: 

1. Trainers introduce, shortly, the project Follow the Women (

2. A video of the project is shown.

3. Trainers give more details about the achievements of Follow the Women.

4. Participants are invited to play “sokatira”, traditional Basque sport in which they have to make two teams and each of them will pull from one side of a rope to try to make the other team cross the line to their area.

5. In the plenary, and in the positions they are, without sitting down, participants are asked to answer some of the following questions related to the last activity, or others we can think about (all these questions depend on how the game goes):
a) How do you feel about the game you were asked to play?
b) Were you part of the minority or majority?
c) How would you increase the number of women taking part?
d) What would you change to make it accessible for everybody?

6. In groups of 4, participants work on a single question:
Sport as a tool for women empowerment. Why and how? (20’-30’)

7. Short debriefing with the conclusions of each group.

8. Final quick review of the most important points.
It is expected that participants come up with the positive values directly linked with sports: cooperation, respect, peaceful competition,etc. If not, it is convenient that trainers mention them at the end.

Materials and resources: 

A4 papers, pens, colour markers.

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