The flying carpet discovering the Sea - The Adventurers of the Suez Canal

Type of tool: 
30-60 min
Topics addressed: 
Peer Education

The Adventurers of the Suez Canal is a board game that allows participants to acquire basic knowledge of the history of the opening of the Suez Canal and maritime navigation at that time.


- Developing a new educational approach
- Make aware the young generations to their natural environment
- Link young generations living in different countries and with different cultures
- Strengthen our openness towards the world


We propose a participative workshop including (informative sheets, experiments, images, games cards, etc.) It is cooperative learning and peer learning.

Step by step process: 

The game begins at the end of 1868, a few months before the opening of the Suez Canal which will be inaugurated in 1869. Each player is a merchant who trades between a city in Europe and a city in another continent.
Each player must successfully complete their assigned mission and return to their city. The first player to complete their mission wins. Navigators will have to travel by the usual maritime routes on the outward journey. For the return, they will have the possibility, if they wish, to go through the Suez Canal.
The facilitator arranges the 4 panels of the game board by reconstructing the map of the world, ensuring that the upper right panel indicates the date: 1868 (before the opening of the Suez Canal).
The players stand around the map and the facilitator gives each player a mission card.

Materials and resources: 

No special need, just a table to put the game on it.


- Present a new method of learning.
- Inspire facilitators to create educational tools in a non-formal setting.
- Have the opportunity to redo this project with new partners on another educational subject

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