First ADR Kit - Introduction to Mediation in Youth Work

Type of tool: 
Multimedia tool – Report
90-120 min
Topics addressed: 
Conflict management
Prevention of radicalisation

First ADR Kit aims at introducing Alternative Dispute Resolution in youth work. It represents a set of methods and skills used in conflict resolution. Handbook on conflict resolution education for young people consists mainly of workshop scenarios.


The main aim of „Handbook on conflict resolution education for young people” is to present ADR in youth work context and develop skills related to mediation among youth.


Methodology used in First ADR Kit project and Handbook on Conflict Resolution for Young People is based on various non-formal learning approaches. Mainly we use experiential learning, cooperative learning, simulation and role plays, case studies, various games.

Materials and resources: 

The Handbook consists of various activities. List of materials is listed in each workshop scenario or educational game description.


The Handbook is intended for youth workers, educators, trainers who are willing to work with young people on Alternative Dispute Resolution, thus the expected outcomes are on those two target groups.
The ideal outcome would be that participants can use mediation skills in practise in their work but also in every day situations and developed numerous skills necessary in ADR. However, to reach this outcome a lot of time, practice and training is needed. After a full "First ADR Kit" training course participants understand the process of communication, can ask right questions, can deal with emotions in conflict, are active listeners, understand the concept of interests, positions and needs, recognise different values, can manage conflicts in a respectful, peaceful way and are ready to mediate.


Participants of workshops and training courses evaluated the project and for most of them it was useful experience, where they learnt a lot regarding Alternative Dispute Resolution methods. Some of the participants have started already peer-to-peer mediation programs in their organisations. “Handbook on conflict resolution education for young people” was reviewed by academics.

The particular activities from Handbook can be used in various context, thus facilitators have to make sure that they are appropriate for their group and if there is a need, to adjust them.

Notes for further use: 

All materials about the project you can find on the website:
You can download the handbook in English, Russian, Italian, Norwegian and Polish.

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